Forum discussion: Hello, We just switched our services from Videotron to Bell a couple months ago and at first everything was working great. HDTV was performing well. We were getting 15MB download

Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV? - Rogers Hi, Just wondering if anyone has recently switched from Bell Fibe to the new Ignite TV? If so would you please let me know how the following compares: 1) Picture quality . 2) Internet . 3) Ease of use. 4) Price . I currently have 1gb Rogers internet and a 4k TV with Netflix, Crave, and Amazon. Steps to use your own router, with BELL FIBE ( Sa Bell fibe uses vlan 35 for data and vlan 36 for video. For internet only, we care only about the data vlan. Also the F@ST2864 has an issue if you are using bell fibe 50/50 and above service and completly saturate the link, it will drop your connection which lead me to this setup i am describing here. Bell Fibe TV latest apk download for Android

Feb 22, 2018 · Always been with bell tried out rogers since they offered an exclusive offer . Im personally sticking with bell fibe due to lower ping and faster dl / upload speeds that are also more consistent.

5 Things About Bell Fibe TV That Are Great/Suck – Wise's Apr 02, 2013 Bell Canada Outages 😞 [250+ Live Reports] - is Bell Canada @Bell_Support Fibe internet has been out in @sudbury since July 18 thunder storm posted 7 hours ago. Lisa @Bell_Support I have been told by hydro they are bell cables so can you give me the number to call at bell to get help ? posted 7 hours ago. Kathleen @Bell_Support No word on when you will be back up? Phone, Internet and TV are not working

May 17, 2020 · Bell Fibe its like rush and roulette whether or not im going to have good internet and the 1 of 6 bullet in the chamber is having good speeds. You’re destined to lose with Bell, awful service and awful business practice.

Apr 15, 2017 · Honestly, Distributel (cable network) and ViaNet (fibe netwlrk) seem to be your best bets, they have reliable data centers that don’t slow down during peak times. Primus is a small company and as their customer base grows, their speeds will drop during peak times. Been thinking of switching to Bell Fibe for TV and Internet, but was concerned about the installation. Right now, the old-school cabling goes into the basement. From there, they connect to the existing RJ-11 which, with a little bit of clever wiring, allows me to put the modem upstairs. Jul 06, 2020 · Bell Internet Review and Details. Bell providers fiber-powered Internet for a very fast upload and download speed. Packages include: Fibe 15 with up to 15 mbps download, 10 mbps upload, and 75 GB monthly usage [Internet] FTTH - EdgeRouter Lite - Slow speed Hey Everyone, Just got Gigabit Fibe installed in my condo and picked up an EdgeRouter lite to replace the HH1000 they gave me. Which internet plan is best for your needs? We cut through the clutter to help you compare Bell and Rogers internet plans, head-to-head. We look beyond the "in a bundle, for the first 6 months, on a 24 month contract, new accounts only" promotional offers to find the best ISP provider for your usage needs. Aug 09, 2019 · Slow/throttled OneDrive downloads on Bell Fibe internet Wondering if anyone else out there has encountered a similar problem when using OneDrive on a Bell Fibe internet service? I have a very fast connection with Bell, the 1 GB/sec service, and everything else I use it for is blazing fast, all except downloading from OneDrive.