Oct 27, 2017

Data Protection Law: An Overview companies protect personal information from unauthorized access or use and respond to such unauthorized access or use). Although data privacy and data security present distinct challenges and are discussed separately in this report when appropriate, legislation addressing these fields increasingly has been unified into the singular field of Top 10 reasons to keep your personal information private Oct 26, 2016 Free Guide: Remove personal information from the internet

Mar 13, 2020

There are numerous ways to protect your information offline as well as online. Offline tasks include locking all financial documents and records within your home in a safe place. Consider investing in a small safe to further protect important documents. It also helps to limit the amount of information … Online Safety Tips: Protecting Your Personal Information Don't give out personal information (name, age, address, phone number, social security number) to strangers. Never meet in person with an online stranger unless you get your parent's permission and have them come with you. Never invite a stranger to come meet you in person or call you at your home. Data Protection Law: An Overview

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Sep 05, 2017