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kill Man Page - Linux - To run a command and then kill it after 5 seconds: $ my_command & sleep 5 $ kill -0 $! && kill $! kill is a bash built in command: $ help kill “Whom the gods love dies young” - Menander 300 BC . Related linux commands: ctrl+z - Suspend a program. ctrl+c - Interrupt a program. bg - Put a process in the background. jobs - List your own Howto kill mcafee services from the command line? hi We have VSE 8.7i SP2 installed. One of our WIN2003 Standard SP2 server is completely hanging since 3 hours at shutdown. It seems, cannot stop mcafee services by itself. I've already tried to connect using mmc -> add/remove snap-in -> services, but I cannot any stop mcafee services. I can connect cmd - How do I kill the process currently using a port on

So, it’s easier to use the kill command at once to eliminate all the Mobs. You may see that the leftover remains for some mobs after you use the kill commands. Just execute the command twice to remove the Leftovers also. You may also like.

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