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Now go to "Network and Sharing Center" in Control Panel Network and Internet, you can see Network has become "Private network". Way 2: Windows Registry Editor. If you are an advanced user in your Windows 10 computer, this method will be easier for you to switch the network type between public and private. Xfinity WiFi - Connecting Your Devices to Xfinity WiFi Connect to Private Network. Click on the WiFi icon in the notification area of the taskbar to see the list of available networks (SSIDs). To connect to your private home WiFi network, click on the network name of your private home WiFi network in the menu (usually this will be the network with the strongest signal, typically beginning with the Your connection is not private router login - NETGEAR connection is labeled a "private network" it simply means that Windows trusts it more than it does something which has been labeled a "public network" (like, for example, a "Free WiFi" service at a local restaurant). You can _tell_ Windows that _any_ connection is "private…

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May 14, 2019 Can't Connect to the Home WiFi Network – Xfinity If you still cannot connect or have slow Internet connection, you may be experiencing a network issue (instead of an individual device issue). Test this by attempting to connect other devices. If they fail to connect, you can quickly troubleshoot your network. Can't access network drive Solved - Windows 10 Forums